Most Instagrammable Spots in Barcelona

Sharing the BEST photo spots in Barcelona! Its hard to choose the top spots… Because this city is so amazing! Here are my top 11 photo spots from the amazing city of Barcelona😀 PARK GÜELL: An amazing public park up on Carmel Hill in Barcelona. Great views of the city, architecture by Gaudí, and walking…

Aparthotel Silver Barcelona

Hotel Review

On our trip to Spain we stayed at Aparthotel Silver in Barcelona. We enjoyed our stay at this hotel and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona! The hotel is at a great location to either take public transit or walk through the city. We walked to Park Güell, Carmel Bunkers, Sagrada Familia, and so many other sites while staying at this location and loved ever second!

Hotel room view! Each room has not only curtains on the windows, but also panels that can be put down as a black out shade over the windows by using a switch on the walls. We loved being able to sleep in and relax without being waken up by the early morning sun. Ahhh bliss!

The hotel has an amazing patio set up outside to hang out in. Covered in greenery and relaxing places to lounge. We used this as the perfect place to eat breakfast and catch some morning sunshine to wake up!

Quiet rooms with a kitchen set up inside the room. While we travel we love to have a kitchen to be able and make our own food for some meals. Usually you are provided a kitchen with a couple of cups and things... But Aparthotel supplies full kitchen supples with rags, dish wear, silverware, and anything else you could need!

On our last day we wanted to go out and explore the city after check out and were able to leave our luggage in these great storage lockers. This is something I haven't seen at a hotel before! I felt so much safer by leaving my belongings locked away in a cupboard instead of leaving them behind a desk. This one added major points to how much I loved this hotel!

Lastly the comfortable lounge on the main level was amazing! Fireplace, drinks, computers and printers, and the friendliest staff! Thank you Aparthotel Silver for the wonderful stay! We will be back!

Aparthotel Silver

Calle Bretón de los Herreros, 26 08012 BARCELONA

+34 932 189 100

Increíble Architecture in Barcelona!

We just got home from the most amazing trip to Barcelona... And I can honestly say it has been my favorite city we have been to so far! There is something so inspiring and welcoming about the city and the people. My absolute favorite thing about the city is the increíble architecture. As most people know, the architecture in Barcelona is designed or inspired by the famous artist Antoni Gaudí. He is responsible for Park Güell, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Milá, and so many other FAMOUS buildings. So here it is, I'm sharing my favorite architecture that we found in Spain!

Isn't the architecture of this city amazing?! In my next post I am sharing the best photo spots in Barcelona which will include some of these spots... And more! Buenos Dias everyone!😀

Top Places To See In Paris

Sharing the most Instagrammable and picturesque places in Paris! This city isn't called the city of love for nothing... it has beauty on every corner!

  1. Musèe du Louvre: The largest art exhibit in the world! Home of the Mona Lisa and thousands of other famous pieces of art.

2. Arc de Triomphe: One of the most famous landmarks in Paris and the craziest roundabout you will ever see!

3. Louis Vuitton: One of the most famous stores in Paris and also the head quarters for this high end brand.

4. Palais Royal Garden: A famous photo location and piece of local art.

5. Place Vendome: The home of one of the many Louis XIV monuments and now a high end hotel along with amazing shopping!

6. Place de la Concorde: One of the major public town squares in Paris and has amazing views of the river along with a Ferris wheel.

7. Seine River: Almost any place on the Seine River will make for the perfect photo! Bridges of all shapes and sizes, gorgeous buildings in the back ground, and boat tours floating by all day long.

8. Government Buildings: Almost all of the governments buildings in Paris have a beautiful timely aura about them and make for the best pictures!

9. Love Lock Bridge: The original love lock bridge has now been removed but that hasn't stopped tourists from carrying on the tradition. The new love lock bridge has been moved just one bridge over right across from the Sainte Chapelle church.

10. Notre Dame: One of the most famous churches in the world! This church is perfectly perfect from the front or the back!

11. Sacrè-Coeur: My absolute favorite location in Paris that offers the best views! Sacrè-Coeur is one of the newest churches in Paris and has the greatest views of the valley.

12. Montmartre: The hill overlooking the valley is full of old-time Parisian homes and shops. One of the only places in Paris that we saw street painters like you see in the movies. So dreamy!

13. The Eiffel Tower: This one is a big DUHHHHH! The best place to take photos of the Eiffel Tower is at the Trocadero on the other side of the river from the tower. It is also the best place to watch the light show after dark!

Hotel Chavanel Paris

Hotel Review

Hotel Chavanel Paris

During our stay in Paris we got to stay at the amazing Hotel Chavanel! This hotel is a modern, clean, and friendly hotel that has the same magical feel that the city of Paris projects. The hotel is located near amazing shopping, and is just around the corner from the local metro station. They offer room service, breakfast, minibar, and even an adorable boutique shop in the front of the hotel. Thank you for our amazing stay at Hotel Chavanel! We highly suggest this accommodation for anyone wanting to have a wonderful stay in Paris.

If you are looking for a beautiful and greatly located hotel in Paris, Hotel Chavanel is your place! Contact the amazing staff with any inquiries. I have linked their information below.

Hotel Chavanel

22 Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris, France

+33 1 47 42 26 14



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