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Most Instagrammable Spots in Barcelona

Sharing the BEST photo spots in Barcelona! Its hard to choose the top spots... Because this city is so amazing! Here are my top 11 photo spots from the amazing city of Barcelona😀

  1. PARK GÜELL: An amazing public park up on Carmel Hill in Barcelona. Great views of the city, architecture by Gaudí, and walking paths to get a good workout in.

2. CARMEL BUNKERS: Another great place to see views of the city! During the Spanish Civil War the Bunkers were used as housing for anti aircraft guns. The Bunkers are now a great place to relax and catch some rays!

3. THE STREETS OF BARCELONA: The streets of Barcelona are full of colored buildings and picturesque spots for a photo op. Keep your eyes peeled for some unique architecture! One of the best places to take pictures are in the streets of the Gothic Quarter.

4. LA SAGRADA FAMILIA: I think this one speaks for itself for being one of the largest and most famous Cathedrals in the world. Building designed by Antoni Gaudí and construction has been going since 1882. Hopefully we can see this great piece of art finished in our lifetime!

5. CASA BATLLO: This famous mansion is one of Antoni Gaudí's most famous works. The house is known for its colorful mosaic architecture and having almost no straight lines throughout the entire house. The roof is my favorite part of the house with a roof looking very similar to a dragons back!

6. ARC DE TRIOMF: This is the 3rd country that we have been to with a famous Arc. My favorite detail of the Arc de triomf inn Barcelona is the line of palm trees leading up to the Arc.

7. PARK DE LA CIUTADELLA: One of the most incredible parks that I have ever been to! This park has an amazing fountain, walking paths, greenery, and is located right next to the zoo!

8. LA BOQUERIA FOOD MARKET: Who wouldn't want some pictures of aisles and aisles of colorful fruits and candies? 

9. BARCELONA CATHEDRAL: Only 3 euros to head up the elevator of the cathedral to see the views from the roof! One of my favorite spots in Barcelona... And I felt like the Quasimodo while on top of the church. Sadly you can't swing from the roof or ring the bell.

10. LA BARCELONETA BEACH: Need I say more? Beaches make for the best photo spots.

11. CASTELL DE MONTJUIC: On top of Montjuic Hill in Barcelona, this castle dates back to being a military fortress in the 1600's. Amazing views of the city, the ocean, the sunset, and castle grounds.

Increíble Architecture in Barcelona!

We just got home from the most amazing trip to Barcelona... And I can honestly say it has been my favorite city we have been to so far! There is something so inspiring and welcoming about the city and the people. My absolute favorite thing about the city is the increíble architecture. As most people know, the architecture in Barcelona is designed or inspired by the famous artist Antoni Gaudí. He is responsible for Park Güell, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Milá, and so many other FAMOUS buildings. So here it is, I'm sharing my favorite architecture that we found in Spain!

Isn't the architecture of this city amazing?! In my next post I am sharing the best photo spots in Barcelona which will include some of these spots... And more! Buenos Dias everyone!😀

Top Places To See In Paris

Sharing the most Instagrammable and picturesque places in Paris! This city isn't called the city of love for nothing... it has beauty on every corner!

  1. Musèe du Louvre: The largest art exhibit in the world! Home of the Mona Lisa and thousands of other famous pieces of art.

2. Arc de Triomphe: One of the most famous landmarks in Paris and the craziest roundabout you will ever see!

3. Louis Vuitton: One of the most famous stores in Paris and also the head quarters for this high end brand.

4. Palais Royal Garden: A famous photo location and piece of local art.

5. Place Vendome: The home of one of the many Louis XIV monuments and now a high end hotel along with amazing shopping!

6. Place de la Concorde: One of the major public town squares in Paris and has amazing views of the river along with a Ferris wheel.

7. Seine River: Almost any place on the Seine River will make for the perfect photo! Bridges of all shapes and sizes, gorgeous buildings in the back ground, and boat tours floating by all day long.

8. Government Buildings: Almost all of the governments buildings in Paris have a beautiful timely aura about them and make for the best pictures!

9. Love Lock Bridge: The original love lock bridge has now been removed but that hasn't stopped tourists from carrying on the tradition. The new love lock bridge has been moved just one bridge over right across from the Sainte Chapelle church.

10. Notre Dame: One of the most famous churches in the world! This church is perfectly perfect from the front or the back!

11. Sacrè-Coeur: My absolute favorite location in Paris that offers the best views! Sacrè-Coeur is one of the newest churches in Paris and has the greatest views of the valley.

12. Montmartre: The hill overlooking the valley is full of old-time Parisian homes and shops. One of the only places in Paris that we saw street painters like you see in the movies. So dreamy!

13. The Eiffel Tower: This one is a big DUHHHHH! The best place to take photos of the Eiffel Tower is at the Trocadero on the other side of the river from the tower. It is also the best place to watch the light show after dark!

Christmas Time in Paris

This year we are sooooo excited to be spending Christmas in Paris! Paris has given us such a different Christmas vibe than London so I'm excited to hear your thoughts on it. Of course the entire city is covered in decor and Christmas lights, but I'm sharing just a few of my favorite things we have found. Unfortunately I couldn't get any good pictures of the Christmas lights in the streets (does any one else find this frustrating?! The picture just ends up like a big light bulb blob😐) but I will say.... The lights were amazing!!

Waiting for Santa. Hopefully he will find me this year😉 

Christmas at the Notre Dame Cathedral

One of my favorite Christmas decorated places in Paris is Notre Dame! Of course they have a huge tree outside that is beautifully decorated. It was fun to go inside and sit in on one of the Christmas Mass Services. The inside of the Cathedral is absolutely beautiful and was a great way to get in on the religious side of Christmas!

Christmas Trees

Two of my favorite Christmas Tree locations! How cute is that big colorful tree?! Galleries Layfayette definitely has the best tree in the city. Every 30 minutes floating ornaments start dancing around the tree while Christmas music is played. (If you follow me on Instagram you saw the video!) The tree is 7 stories tall and made fully of metal and blown up balloons. My second favorite trees were at Place Vendome. The Place Vendome square has probably 20 different trees of all sizes. They are a classic green tree with lights and nothing more. I love the simplicity of them!

The Streets

From my Christmas in London post you probably know that I like to walk around and see how the streets and businesses are decorated. This was no exception! We also stopped at the local crepe stands for a treat while walking around, a must-do in Paris!

Eiffel Tower

The best for last! Obviously my favorite lights in Paris are the Eiffel Tower lights! Thankful that my camera could capture them. We stayed out late our second night to wait for the sparkley light show, that they do every hour after dark. It was one of the most magical things I have ever watched! Its so crazy to hear about these big monuments and see them on the internet... and then see them in real life! The Eiffel Tower is so much bigger and special than I had imagined!❤️


I hope everyone is having an amazing time celebrating this holiday season with your friends and families. This is such a special time of year to hold our loved ones close!❤️ Have an amazing week!

Musèe du Louvre

Visiting the Musèe du Louvre in Paris! We have touched down in Paris for our Christmas festivities and it has been nothing but an adventure so far! We started off our journey taking the Chunnel from London to Paris instead of flying, which was interesting! If you don't know what the Chunnel is... It's basically a tunnel that connects England to France 350 feet below sea level. So we were in a bus, inside a train, inside a tunnel under the ocean that popped us up in France!

In our first few hours in France we had quite the interesting time. First our bus driver had to slam on his brakes and a girl who was trying to get up to go to the bathroom flew about 10 feet forward on the bus, flat on her face. When she stood up she had blood streaming down her cheek and a giant gash under her eye. Then we finally got to Paris and decided to take an Uber instead of the metro train since it was so late. While driving on the free way a motor cycle cut right in front of us and had an object fly out of the back carrying case. The object hit our drivers windshield making a loud boom noise. Gavin and I both ducked and honestly thought that it was the sound of a bomb or gun fire. We looked up and the drivers entire front windshield was shattered, along with his rear view and top frame of his car bent in. We were so grateful for him and how well of a driver he was because most people would've run off the road in this situation.  A while later we heard sirens blaring and ended up having to slow down in traffic. We came up to a crash with about 4 cars spun off the road.... and guess what else??? THE SAME MOTORCYLE laying in the freeway completely mangled. This could've very well been us and felt so grateful for our awesome driver!


Musèe du Louvre

Now on a happier note😀. Visiting the Louvre was amazing! This museum of art is HUGE and would take over 3 days to see the entirety of. It is the biggest art museum in the entire world holding pieces such as the Mona Lisa and 380,000 other famous pieces of art. The museum was originally built as a fortress in the 12th century but eventually lost its protective function because the city expanded so much. The building then became a place to display art and royal artifacts by the 1600's. Now the Musèe du Louvre is one of the most famous places in the world and has added the amazing glass pyramid as the entrance! Sadly we didn't have time to explore the Louvre this time, but will be back in the spring to see it all! We did spend a couple hours walking around the grounds and seeing the architecture of the museum. 

Side story: As we were walking the grounds there were a bunch of boys trying to sell little souvenirs out of the back packs which come to find out is illegal. Suddenly we saw the 5 of them sprinting as fast as they could out of the museum's grounds. Then we look behind them and a police man on ROLLERBLADES is chasing them down while doing rollerblade tricks I the process. I wasn't sure if I wanted to start laughing or get the guys autograph. But now I'm somewhat envious of his job😎