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Christmas in LONDON!

Experiencing our first Christmas in London is nothing but a dream! Today I am sharing the most Instagrammable places in London during Christmas time. I apologize in advance for the Christmas overload... But we really do live in the BEST place to be celebrating the Holidays!❤️

Harrods Department Store:

Harrods Department Store is famous for not only its amazing interior design but also its Christmas Decor! This department store has been featured in so many Christmas films because of its magical feel. Harrods is located at 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London and is one of the busiest spots during Christmas time!

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park:

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas festival held in Hyde Park every year during Christmas. It is full of German Christmas Shops, Carnival Rides, Shows, Ice Skating, and its very famous ice bar! The festival has the most picturesque spots for all things Christmas. I will be doing a full post about Winter Wonderland soon!

Chesham Street:

This Picturesque Road is one of my favorites in any season! Any chance to walk through the cute neighborhoods of London... I'll take!

London's most famous Bakery's:

Some of my favorite bakery's in London all located on Elizabeth Street in London. The most famously recognized is Peggy Porschen Cakes for its always festive front door. If you want pictures or any baked goods make sure you go EARLY! By 11am they have a line waiting out on the street to get into this cute little shop!

The Wellesley:

This cute hotel is located off of Knightsbridge and is the definition of an ideal English themed Christmas spot.

The Suburbs:

I can't get enough of the London Suburbs. Another one of my favorite streets in Victoria!

Wellington Arch:

Wellington Arch is one of the many famous monuments in London and sometimes overlooked as a photo spot. This arch reminds me of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Located right across the street from Hyde Park!

Some of the other most famous Christmas spots in LONDON:

Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum Ice Rink, Straffords Roof

We are just 10 days away from our Christmas trip to Paris! I seriously can't wait to explore the city and see what Christmas magic we find. Any suggestions on places we should go are welcome😘 HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE!

The Coast of England

This weekend we spent the day down on the coast of England. It was actually warmer than I expected it to be and we even got some sun! It was a great change from the gloomy grey days we have had lately here in the United Kingdom. To make it even better I got to wear these new pieces from Zara. The coast isn't anything like California with white beaches and surfers but was amazing and full of history. The pier we were at is where the Titanic left from before it sank. Whaaaaaat! The pier is still in full operation and has cruise boats, ferries, and sail boats coming in and out all day long.

In other news we had to cancel our upcoming trip to Scotland which is kind of a bummer! But we are going to replace it with another AWESOME place in the U.K. that I'm super excited about! We also might have to reschedule our trip to Barcelona in December with all the crazy political stuff happening there. Crossing our fingers that is all blows over soon and we are able to keep our plans for Spain!

I hope everyone had an awesome October and will have an even better November! I'm super excited to share all of our holiday plans with you guys soon. Xoxo❤️

London in 48 Hours

London in 48 hours! After a few weeks of living here we finally went downtown to check out all of the tourist attractions. I have officially decided that London is my soul city! I was impressed beyond belief of how clean, beautiful, and historical the city is. So here it is.... How to do London in 48 hours! Get your walking shoes on because you're going to see A LOT in a SHORT amount of time.


DAY 1: West side of Thames


For doing 2 days in London I suggest splitting your days into the West side and East side of the river. This way you are able to see a lot in a short amount of time and do it efficiently! So here is the WEST side attractions to see!


First stop... Buckingham Palace! Home of the Queen. We are super bummed that we missed the changing of the guard. If you want to catch it make sure you are there Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday from 11:00-11:45! The palace is so much bigger than I had imagined and has the most beautiful architecture. I'm wishing the Queen would adopt me so I can move in!


Next check out Hyde Park. There are so many parks in England, and 3 in the general area of Buckingham. You can't go wrong with any of them! We loved walking through the park and seeing the gorgeous fall leaves. There isn't much decorating for Halloween in the UK so it was the first time that truly felt like fall!


Check out Trafalgar Square and Soho! There are awesome restaurants, shopping, and markets. It reminds me of a UK version of Times Square. London has some amazing musicals playing right now! Wicked, Aladdin, Book of Mormon Musical, Dream Girls, and more! Trying to get Gavin to see Wicked ASAP?


St. Pauls Cathedral is one of the oldest standing buildings in London that survived the historic fires. If you make it there before 6pm you are able to go inside and check it out.


Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is probably my favorite spot in London. It is so magical in person and defies any picture you have ever seen of it!


Big Ben! Note: The clock tower is under construction until 2020.


The Queens Tower. Where parliament holds all their meetings.


DAY 2: East side of Thames


The London Eye. It is located directly across the river from Big Ben. The Eye is surrounded by so many fun things for families. Restaurants, shopping, carousels, swings, and live music!


Stop and watch the street performers. They are so talented and located on every corner! This one is our favorite. He blows fire out of his trumpet while playing classic pop songs. Amazing!


Stop and take all the touristy pictures you want. No shame! There are red phone booths, Harry Potter locations (Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross), and tons more!


Have lunch or dinner at the Shard! It is the second tallest building in Europe, and the tallest in London! They have a bunch of different restaurants in the Shard and are pretty swanky. They all require a dress code and some have an age requirement of 16 to be able to dine there. You will find the most incredible view of London from the Shard!


For some other dining suggestions, try a street cart and eat on a bench or some steps that you find... Blaire Waldorf style! You'll feel like a true local.


The London Bridge and the Tower Bridge are located right next to the Shard and lead to the tower of London. This area is the most historic part of London because it is where the city began. Across the bridge you will also find the museum of London and tons of other historic things to do!


Other London favorites:


Find a bubble waffle food cart! There is one located across from Hyde Park, and one located under Blackfriars Bridge in the tunnel. You won't regret it!


If you are Vegan or Vegetarian London is the city for you! They have options at almost every restaurant and have tons of 100% vegan restaurants.


London has so many amazing bakeries and coffee shops. Try them out! We love Coffee Lab and Costa!


Also happy birthday to business partner, co-blogger, and husband Gavin! This was Gavin's birthday weekend and we celebrated in true London fashion❤️