The Basic Steps to Starting a Blog

Picking a Name and a Niche

The first thing you need to do is pick a name and a niche! Think of something catchy and memorable. If you're like me and have a hard time committing to a name... Use your own! I knew that when starting my blog I would mostly be sharing travel related posts, and eventually wanted to incorporate lifestyle. Because of this, I decided to use my own name so I am not defined as a specific type of blogger and could branch out someday. If you're creating a blog for a specific niche I would recommend picking a name that goes a long with your theme. That way your blog will be more memorable and easy for people to find again and again!

Building Your Website

Obviously you need to build a website and have a platform to do so. I personally use WordPress because I like the freedom of being able to customize everything right down to having .com at the end of my URL. VS. On WordPress.COM you are not self hosted and have little say in what you can customize which is great for some people that want to build a super easy website and not have to worry about the tech! You will also have "" at the end of your URL name. On WordPress.ORG you are self hosted and get to create your own website from scratch. You can pick your theme, your host, and everything else that will go into your blog. You will also have ".com" at the end of your URL instead of being tied to WordPress. 

Click HERE to learn more about WordPress or sign up to create a blog.

Getting a Host

To have a website you also will need a "Host" to keep your website live. For my blog I use Bluehost to keep my blog going and I have absolutely loved it! The best thing about Bluehost is that you are able to call in for 24 hour assistance if something happens with your blog. They have saved me soooooo many times when my website has crashed or done crazy things on me.

Click HERE to go to Bluehost's website to learn more or sign up for hosting 

Get Your Blog Going

Now its time to get your blog going! Spend your time creating your blog and perfecting every widget, color, and logo to make the blog of your dreams! Once your blog is ready to go it is time to make your first post! So what do you write about?! In every blogging book that I read they say to first create a "Hello" post. This post should consist of you introducing yourself and your blog to the universe. Say HELLO BLOGGING WORLD THIS IS ME AND I AM HERE TO STAY! After that you can go on writing posts about whatever your little heart desires! Easy enough right?

Social Media

Our best form of marketing these days is social media... And its free! Once you pick a blog name you need to get on every form of social media and get your username set in stone EVERYWHERE! This way it will be easy for people to find you on other platforms and recognize your name.



Education?! I don't want to be back in school! Well peeps, you need to go back to school.... Blogger School! The best thing I have ever done for my blog is ditching the "How to" blog posts and invested. I invested in books, webinars, and online courses.

The online course that will change your life: Building a Framework by Abby Lawson.

Abby's course is an online step by step video course that teaches you everything from building your blog to monetizing it. She starts out with step by step tech tutorials to building a blog and all of the widgets that you need to use to make your blog a success. All of this information that I learned from this course are things that I still haven't seen ANYWHERE on the "How to" blogs.

Topics that are Covered in Building a Framework:

Email Marketing: How to convert readers into email subscribers, writing newsletters, and why email subscribers are the key to making money.

The Tech Side of Blogging: 20 tech videos to help you set up your blog with the widgets, edit pictures using photoshop and other editing softwares,  and avoiding common technical issues.

Creating Content: How to use SEO, create viral blog posts, and photo content for your blog.

Building Relationships: Collaborating with brands and why building relationships with readers and other bloggers is important. 

Social Media: How to focus your time on different social platforms along with building engagement with your followers on social platforms. This section also covers how to focus your time on different social outlets to help you work smarter not harder.

Monetizing Your Blog: Proven ways to earn money as a blogger including affiliate marketing, selling products, and working with brands.


10 Day Blogging Quickstart:

This course is a FREE 10 day course via email that will teach you the essentials of blogging. Things like branding your blog, blog photography, growing your email list, and 5 ways to make money on your blog.

Boosting Your Blog Traffic:

Another FREE guide that will teach you the types of content you need to boost your blog traffic!

Choosing Your Niche Webinar Series:

This course is only $10 and will help you define yourself as a blogger! In this course Abby helps you find out YOUR special gifts and talents that you can tap into to make your blog your passion. By honing in on your talents your blog is 100% more likely to be a success!